At CFC we believe that it is crucial that our client not run out of food, assuming the contracted guest count is within their actual numbers for the event. In an effort to hold true to this we will have food left over at each event in most cases. This is not for you to assume as yours or that it is included in the amount you have paid as a client. This food is the property, purchased and provided soley by Celebrations Flare catering to ensure we fulfill our obligation to serve each guest and allow for any discrepancies in portion. It is up to CFC to decide what will be done with any and all leftovers at an event.

For the health and safety of our customers, and for liability reasons, we do not package leftover food for our clients – under any normal event circumstances. We will not offer any remaining food if there is inadequate storage of refrigeration at the venue, if the guest count is at or exceeding the booked amount, or if the food has been left out for an overstated amount of time in the buffet or set up.

It is at the discretion of CFC that we will package any food safe for consumption. If a client has booked for 150 guests and 100 is the actual turnout and CFC deems the food has been kept appropriately at safe temperatures and storage, the client could receive approximately the amount of what was actual to contracted amount. Such as the unserved 50 portions in this example. This being said the client would have to arrange for this to be done, sign a waiver, provide appropriate food safe containers and pay a fee for the staff service to do so.

Service Charge/Gratuity/Tips:

If you would like our experienced servers, bartenders, and kitchen staff to remain on-site during your event, your quote will include either an hourly labor fee, percentage service fee or gratuity, depending on what your event requires and has been discussed. These fees are used to cover the hourly wages for our servers, kitchen staff, and managers for your event.

Contact us to discuss your function needs. We are happy to accommodate all your catering and budgeting needs.The possibilities are endless from meal style, menu and service type.

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